burrito breakdown

Brief: Wrap up Eugene’s burrito culture and roll out various multimedia components on tight deadlines.

I’ll always remember fall term senior year as the time when I was tasked with finding the best burrito spot in Eugene. For a grade.

Ask thirty people what their favorite place to get a burrito in town is, you’re likely to get thirty different answers. Who would have guessed there were this many burrito joints in Eugene?

After narrowing it down to the 16 most-relevant options for Oregon students, particularly concerning distance from university neighborhoods (& considering my timeframe/college budget), the challenge was on.

Burritos are not complicated, and neither was the judging. Entries were judged on three categories, each on a scale of 1-5:

  Does it taste good?
  I'm hungry.
  Are you getting your money's worth?

Highest total score claims the title of “Eugene’s Best Burrito” Simple. And delicious.

A fourth category, Atmosphere/Service was used for tiebreaks, as it is the least relevant to your burrito experience.

[download interactive .pdf]

FREE GUAC: Storify of the burrito breakdown experience.

Complete ingredient shot for the instructional video:

Instructional video:

Instructional video (tl;dw version):