Hello, welcome, thanks for being here.

Pardon the dust, this website is perpetually under construction. You can view the particulars of its current mess here.

My name is Tanner and I live in Portland, Oregon. Currently I’m employed as a developer at Phase2, where I work mostly on the front-end of Drupal sites, but not always.

When I’m not developing for work, sometimes I’m doing it for fun. Some other interests include:

  • basketball,

  • climbing,

  • hiking,

  • DIY,

  • sustainability,

  • the intersection of art and technology,

  • social media,

  • good Mexican food,

  • happy hour,

  • life,

  • the universe,

  • everything.

If you would like to see work I’ve done professionally, are interested in collaborating, or just want to chat, please drop me a line.